by Jenna Romano | 21.12.18

Coffee Bar is a hidden gem set in the heart of an obscure neighborhood in Tel Aviv.

First opened in 1994, Coffee Bar is an institute which has loyally-served guests an array of tasty meals for 25 years, including lunch, dinner, Friday brunch and drinks from the restaurant’s cocktail menu.

The modern bistro-style menu, developed by chef Ohad Solomon, is always changing – which allows the establishment to offer variety for their regular visitors and an exciting scope of choices for newcomers. Solomon’s unique dishes are emblematic of his passion for combining traditional and modern cuisine, placing particular focus on fresh, diverse ingredients. The result is an experience that is bound to delight the local as well as the traveling foodie.

Coffee Bar’s vibrant atmosphere and elegant design makes for an intimate setting spread across four rooms, a bar and a patio.

Yad Harutsim Street 13. 03.688.9696.

Photos by Miriam Alster


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