Yoko Kitahara

by Jenna Romano | 20.11.18

As one opens the door to Yoko Kitahara spa, they encounter a wave of serenity– Omotenashi, the essence of Japanese hospitality – which cleanses one of the agita caused by outside factors. Greeted by a relaxed host in a minimal but pretty reception area, you are ordered to take off your shoes, sit down and accept a refreshing sesame infused tea as you wait for your holistic treatment to begin.  

The Yoko Kitahara house of treatments is set in a classic Yafo building, but its renovations resulted in a design which imitates that of a Japanese shrine. An airy and free flowing atmosphere, with modern furniture and an unbelievable view of the sea landscape – the space expresses Japanese contemporary life and culture and embeds it into the local Yafo atmosphere.

When Yoko herself arrived to Israel from Japan in 2008, she fell in love with Yafo, and sought to rethink and revive the concept of wellness in our Middle Eastern culture towards a more holistic path. Yoko’s wellness philosophy is based on her training and practice in Japanese therapy — all paths of healing have one organic starting point— the self.

Visitors to Yoko Kitahara spa will receive a hybrid of Eastern and Western treatments, concentrate on deep breathing while experiencing different therapeutic techniques  — these treatments facilitate a slow moving and relaxed healing process that combines physical treatment with a relaxing environment and aromatherapy. All of Yoko’s therapists are graduates of Eastern and Western alternative medicine courses, and while they have each completed a rigorous training according to Yoko’s concept, individual techniques from each therapist are encouraged and incorporated into the treatment method.

Overall, the implementation of nature in every minute detail of Yoko Kitahara makes it the embodiment of healing energy. After treatment, clients may shop for unique healing products in Yoko Kitahara’s gallery, or work their way up to the bespoke rooftop of Yoko Kitahara spa to watch the waves of the resplendent Mediterranean ebb and flow. With the post-treatment comfort of knowing that your inner voice has never been more pronounced.

Kikar Kdumim 5, Jaffa, 03.605.8339.
| Facebook | Instagram: yokokitaharajapanesespa

Photos by Sasha Zacks


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