The Drisco Hotel Revives An Old World Charm

by Jenna Romano | 30.09.18

Set in the American Colony of Yafo, The Drisco Hotel has recently re-opened for visitors to Tel Aviv who are yearning to experience the center of the city’s hip, laid-back character and prefer to be situated in a spot that evokes a distinctly elegant charm throughout their stay. 

The prestige of the site of The Drisco Hotel has been carefully restored by architect and interior designer Ari Shaltiel after more than a decade of intensive work. Paying tribute to the building’s original grandeur – which dates back to 1866 –  the hotel’s intricate contemporary design is an homage to its Ottoman roots. 

Not only is the building’s history impressed upon its design, but it is also reified in The Drisco’s delightful atmosphere – reviving a spirit inspired by the original hotel whose past guests include the likes of Thomas Cook and Mark Twain. 

A hotel such as The Drisco would not be fit for Tel Aviv if all its emphasis on tradition was not interpreted to fit the city’s modern standards. Utter oriental style is met with equal amounts of savviness and innovation – each of the hotel’s 42 upscale rooms (ranging from spacious doubles to beautiful suites), feature state-of-the-art technologies and modern amenities. Given the location, guests are an expedient walk away from wonderful beaches and some of Tel Aviv’s trendiest restaurants and shops.

Guests are invited to dine with Chef Shahar Bitton, who runs The Drisco’s upscale restaurant, Zada – which serves up gourmet versions of classic Ottoman cuisine or simply relax and mingle at The Drisco Bar. Whatever your plans during your stay at The Drisco, it is ineluctable that you will sit among the hotel’s lively history while creating fresh memories of your own.
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Photos by Assaf Pinchuk


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