Beit Hanna

by Jenna Romano | 10.06.18

In the words of it’s founders Ronny Douek and Yoav Kadmon, Beit Hanna is ‘a place where you leave feeling better than when you entered. More relaxed, healthier, wiser and happier.’

Beit Hanna takes its name from the progressive Hanna Chizik, who managed the space for 20 years when it functioned as a female workers’ farm where groups of women from Poland were able to work in agriculture and supply produce to local residents. Built in the 1930s by Jacob Pinkerfeld, the space was named after Hanna Chizik when she passed away in 1951. It has since been through many incarnations, but the Beit Hanna as we know it today, which reopened its doors in July 2017, reifies the building’s ongoing spirit for goodness and wellbeing.

It is one of the most impressive and well preserved buildings in its neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Designed by Studio Dan Troim – who made a point to celebrate Israeli vintage design with this project – Beit Hanna is one of the most impressive and well preserved building in its neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Boasting a magnificent front yard and a roof top terrace among the levels of finely designed interior, Beit Hanna’s form encourages movement – every part of the complex has its own character and urges visitors to stroll from one space into another.

Among the 500 square meters of outdoor and indoor space, visitors will find a combination of motivating classes in Pilates, yoga, Tai Chi and more, lectures on topics such as politics and culture, an organic garden, a therapeutic clinic for Chinese medicine, and creative working spaces that are made to inspire productivity. It is also the home of Tel Avivian favorite EATS, the urban cafeteria headed by Michal Epstein which promotes culinary creativity and health – ergo, eating fresh at Beit Hanna is ineluctable.

Encouraged by its history, the concepts of mindfulness and well being become a reality at Beit Hanna, a space that succeeds in culminating a ‘breath of fresh air’ for residents of Tel Aviv and visitors alike.

Ben Gurion Boulevard 75. 073.324.5731.

Photos by Sasha Zacks

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