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by Jenna Romano | 28.05.18

What’s in a weekend? Every weekend has it’s own story, embodying a beloved ‘weekend vibe’ Weekends At, a distinctive mens swimwear brand whose designs come from Tel Aviv, uses their unique swimwear to tell it! Inspired by travel, history, patterns, and the urge to jump into the salt water, the three eclectic minds behind Weekends At have been making swimsuits with eye-catching designs and smart tailoring for the past two years, and with it bringing the brand’s own brazen story to life.

Guy Barnea, an Olympic swimmer, who is originally from Tel Aviv has been wearing ‘boring’ swimsuits his whole life. He longed for a brand that would make men’s swimwear chic and interesting. Barnea, who spent years traveling and living in the United States, has no design background of his own, so he was thrilled when he returned to his beloved Mediterranean city with an idea for a swimsuit line in mind, that he stumbled upon the work of graphic designers Ron Nadel and Dov Adar. 

These three detail oriented entrepreneurs met, and started off on creating the story that is Weekends At  collaborating with some of the best professionals in the fashion industry, Barnea, Nadel, and Adar have since produced two collections of fun and practical mens swimwear.

The ‘at’ in the brand’s name alludes to a destination, leaving the swimsuit designs open to collaborating with new information, experiences and ideas. This is what inspires the well researched stories behind these quirky designs – because what better way to remember a good weekend than with good stories?  

Weekends At’s first collection, The Subequatorial Collection, features dazzling prints based on the environment of three separate continents below the equator: Antarctica, Africa and Australia. Each continent is imagined on the suits with thematic colors (think ice blue for Antarctica, bright coral for Australia and jungle-ish jade in Africa) and collective imagery representing things you might actually see in these places (trees penguins, and ice bergs to name a few). It’s latest colleciton is titled The First Time, and the featured patterns take suit wearers back to various ages in the history of mankind  The Stone Age, The Paleolithic Period and The Mesolithic Period telling the story of the first time man lit a flame, used tools or became became gatherers with a witty twist. 

Weekends At collections are high end, created using a unique polyester that dries fast and doesn’t feel like swimwear. The unique, fitted designs set these suits apart from other men’s swimwear  featuring three cuts:  “The Breezy”, a classic which Barnea describes as ‘the perfect length’, “The Breezier”, a longer version, and “Tailor” a suit that is cut in a chic, shorter length. 

It’s needless to say that fans of the brand are never bored and excited to see what comes next. Above all, as long as they are wearing Weekends At, they are always comfortable, always stylish, and always have a story to tell as they work on their tan.

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Photos by Orit Pnini


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