by Jenna Romano | 16.05.18

Deliciously in vogue, Quattro is an Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv whose style and menu are imagined from a modern point of departure. Designed by Alex Meitlis, the restaurant’s contemporary interior is veiled with geometric black and white patterns and wooden furniture, illuminated by shiny accessories such as hanging mirrors, unique industrial-like florescent light fixtures and a brilliant beaded chandelier.

All of these niceties upon entrance prepare patrons for what will be an exciting journey into the world of modern Italian dining, a culinary niche which is scarce in Tel Aviv – this niche is filled with Chef Aviv Moshe’s trendy Italian menu, bespoke with discerning dishes and Italian flavors. Dishes range from distinctly light and fun to, at other times, more complex creations. The garlic shrimp appetizer is one of the former – a healthy serving of buttery shrimp with lemon artichokes and cauliflower – a tasty combination that is straight to the point. The truffle pizza, covered in a satisfying layer of truffle paste topped with portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, chèvre goat cheese and balsamic vinegar is a less down-to-earth appetizer choice  – one that is worth every blissful bite. 

It’s hard to decide who the star of the main course menu is, but it would have to be a close tie between the veal cheek tortellini  – served in a hot, delicate broth of merlo, parmesan and root cream and the notable Quattro style hamburger  – bresaola topped with pickled yolk, red wine broth and foie gras. 

Toasting to health alongside all of this clever food is ineluctable, and what better to proclaim “Salute!” than with Quattro’s buzzing cocktails, like the signature “Mojito Violets”  a redolent drink based on rum, fresh lemon and mint finished with violet essence, or the classic “Smokie”  Courvoisier with silan, lemon, angostura bitters and ginger ale. 

Chic tunes fill the background of the restaurant as a live DJ starts spinning in the background – a Monday night ritual at Quattro. And as you bite into the last of your meal, perhaps a cheesecake or tiramisu  – it’s not certain what makes you jump out of your chair more the music or the food.   

.Quattro TLV, Platinum Tower, 21 Ha`arbaa St. Tel-Aviv

Photos by Tamuz Rachman


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