TE(love)IV at Fresh Paint

by Jenna Romano | 27.04.18

For the past decade, Tel Aviv’s annual Fresh Paint Art Fair has celebrated the significant art movement taking place in our Mediterranean metropolis and it’s contemporary art scene, providing a unique point of view of the current local state of affairs through art projects by selected galleries, art institutions, designers and the emerging artists’ in the Independent Artists’ Greenhouse. 

Apart from it’s artistic mission, Fresh Paint has become a meeting spot for art professionals and the public, a place where the values intrinsic in the Tel Aviv community to become apparent, communicated and welcomed. It is a chance for participants and visitors to reflect on the characteristics that make this city so wonderful.

When UBS, Fresh Paint’s main partner, suggested creating a tribute to the city for it’s 10th anniversary celebration, the fair’s organizers agreed that it was a brilliant idea. UBS’s tribute comes in the form of a temporary public art project  a unique letter installation titled TE(love)IV that is set at the entrance to the fair. Public art installations often enable communities to impart the lifestyle and values championed by that particular place, and UBS’s installation solidifies Fresh Paint’s ten year relationship with Tel Aviv, by embodying the city’s trailblazing openness and pluralism.

TE(love)IV will greet visitors to the fair with the letters “TE” and “IV”, inviting them to complete the installation by having their photo taken between the letters. It will be shared with 30,000 visitors, including Israel’s leaders in business, social and cultural spheres during the fair – conveying an important message from Tel Aviv to the world – everyone is welcome here.  

Fresh Paint 10 will be held on 26 April 2018 till April 30. Each year, and 2018 is no exception, the location of the fair is new and surprising location. This year the fair will take place at the Tel Aviv convention center. Telavivian will also be present during the fair, come and say hi!


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