Ten Years of Emerging Art – No Other Place

by Jenna Romano | 24.04.18

Angelika Sher

Being an artist at the foot of one’s career is immensely challenging (this is not news) – but it is proportionately rewarding when a young artist receives their first opportunities to exhibit their work. Especially in a country as small and young as Israel where an individual artist’s future may be likened to the collective art world of this country – a canvas always ready to be re-worked, full of new ideas and oozing with potential.

Liat Elbling

Projects like the Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv’s own art fair which is celebrating it’s tenth annual production this year provide such impetuses for new local artists to exhibit their work. Not only is the event itself inspiring, but since their beginning they embarked on a super unique and useful venture called The Greenhouse Project.

Jonathan Goldman

The Greenhouse is a a part of the fair and an original model for nurturing the work of blossoming Israeli artists. Each year, a new panel comprised of international and local curators, art critics, gallerists and collectors choose promising artists from an open call of applications. This is a lengthy, intimate process which includes an initial round of anonymous artist selections, followed by one-on-one interviews and studio visits between the select artists and the panel of judges.

Meytar Moran

Hundreds of artists have taken part in this auspicious exhibition opportunity over the past ten years, and the relationship between these artists and the Fresh Paint Greenhouse team during the time of the fair ends up being intense, personal and brisk. Since exhibiting, many of the Greenhouse artists have continued to exhibit in Israel and internationally, many have won prestiges prizes, and many are now represented by galleries, museum and renowned venues. Since a decade of Greenhouse exhibitions has past, it seems appropriate for the Fresh Paint team to reflect on these unique relationships, and to pay an homage to the progress of their artistic protégés. Ergo, audiences to this year’s Fresh Paint fair will be lucky enough to visit a concise exhibition featuring the works of past Greenhouse artists, titled No Other Place – The Independent Artists Greenhouse Decade Exhibition.

Dorian Gottlieb

As if reuniting with old acquaintances, No Other Place encounters the unique language of each artist, their development and evolution. The theme emphasizes the notion of place and the works exhibited feature imagery alluding to concepts like boarders, pathways, presence, absence, comfort, sacrifice, familiar and foreign ideas which parallel the complex journeys undertaken by each artist after their milestone moment at Fresh Paint. Collectively, these works form a tangible dialogue that speaks of the diverse contemporary generation of Israeli art. 

Fresh Paint 10 will be held on 26 April 2018 till April 30. Each year, and 2018 is no exception, the location of the fair is new and surprising location. This year the fair will take place at the Tel Aviv convention center. Telavivian will also be present during the fair, come and say hi!


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