by Jenna Romano | 25.03.18

Designs by the Tel Aviv brand KAV create effortless encounters between the customer and her garment. Underneath the brand’s model is a clear vision – to make minimalistic clothing that is high quality and exciting – ultimately enhancing the wearer’s personal taste. Since 2012, Kav has produced a line that imbues a balance of fashion and function – clean and sophisticated, exhibiting a minimal spectrum of colors.

It is the vision of Kav founder Dikla Einat that the brand should not only convey excellent products, but also valuable shopping experiences for clientele. While most designers in Tel Aviv choose to focus smaller studio spaces, Einat has decided to open a flagship KAV store in the Noga district.

The expanded studio is a statement about personal attention, which Einat believes in delivering to all her customers. Set in a calm, minimalistic, open space, the studio speaks the language of KAV  – allowing the clothing and customers to shine. The store also features items from other Tel Avivan favorites like Balagan, Inbar Harari and Candle Room.

While the on-site shopping experience of KAV’s studio is catered to customers who prefer a more personalized service, the brand is still consistently devoted to updating their online stoe for those who enjoy the convenience of buying from the website. Either way, the Kav team harnesses the devoted creative energies of the brand – selling products that are timelessly fashionable. | Facebook | Instagram:@kavdesign


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