Confused Machines

by Jenna Romano | 12.03.18

Album cover by Sharon Fadida for ‘Bound 2 Forget’ by The Models

‘Peace of mind for the raging soul’ may sound like a chaotic contradiction but it’s a prudent tagline for creators of the Tel Aviv based record label Confused Machines. Longtime collaborators Harel Schreiber (Mule Driver) and Itamar Weiner (Spark O) recognized long ago that the city’s music scene needed a home for producing their idiosyncratic, raw tastes – and it was a was realization that led the duo to create a home of their own. Enter, Confused Machines – dedicated to releasing original, local electronic and techno music – mixed right here in Tel Aviv.

Album cover by Sharon Fadida for ‘Variations in Intensity’ (Spark O)

The label was born in 2015, and since Schreiber and Weiner are vetern performers and producers in the city’s alternative music scene, they certainly had the merit to sculpt an organic sound into Tel Aviv. Their previous record label, Ak-Duck records (2002-08) was the first independent label for electronic music in Israel and released notable music from locals, including the original soundtrack for the Oscar-nominated film ‘Beaufort’, which was composed by Ishay Adar.

Album cover Sharon Fadida for ‘Confusion One (Remixes)’ (The Models/Mule Driver)

It’s always inspiring when discerning locals notice the niches that need to be filled in Tel Aviv’s cultural world, using these open doors as an impetus to develop opportunities on an individual and communal scale. In the case of Confused Machines, the record label continues to grow and support local musicians within this genre, releasing music that is both challenging and energizing to an ethusiastic crowd.

Album Cover by Sharon Fadida for ‘303 Day One Acid Jams’  (various artists)

Confused Machines continues to expand, and Schreiber and Weiner were joined by Boris Fabrikant in 2017. Producing work from artists like founders Mule Driver and Spark O, the label has also released digital mixes and vinyls for The Models, Optn, Ofer Tisser, Max Schreiber, Roni Hajaj and a variety of new musicians. Releases are distributed worldwide and all vinyls are packed in a vibrant, full-colored sleeve that features artwork by local artist Sharon Fadida.

With each release from Confused Machines, an intended journey begins. Check it out for yourself this Tuesday, March 13, when Confused Machines will celebrate the launch of Roni Hajaj’s album at Uganda in Tel Aviv.

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