Theories Of The Deep Understanding of Things

by Jenna Romano | 04.02.18

Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, “Aveux non Avenus Frontispiece”, 1930.

Since 2010, online platform Theories of The Deep Understanding of Things has had only one goal in mind: propelling visitors to branch out and interact with visual art that they would otherwise not see.

Theories Of started off as a Tumblr blog in 2010, and gradually branched into a Facebook, Instagram and Patreon page. Refreshing their feed with daily content, Theories Of’s founders include a clever array of art, humor and music on the platform. It is also the umbrella organization Contemp. Relics a more specified ‘Facebook magazine’ for hardcore contemporary art.

The voices of this generation know that all it takes is one image on the internet to kickstart an intriguing dialogue – it can spread life wildfire with just the touch of a screen, and Theories Of has faced it’s fair share of internet controversies  but the platform continues to distinguish itself from others, as they examine the boundaries and potentials of social media.

Marianne Vierø (Contemp. Relics)

Christina Michalis (Contemp. Relics)

Jeewi Lee-Reinigungsbild (Contemp. Relics)

Willem Andersson (Contemp.Relics)

Bea Fremderman (Contemp. Relics)

Lawrence Halprin, “Movement Study”, 1970.

Josef Koudelka, “Invasion 68” Prague August 1968

John Houck Raking “Light”, 2016.

Sydney Shen, “F-Hole (Dirty Couch, Dirty Lamp)”, 2015

Nathalie Du Pasquier “Untitled”, gouache and ink on paper 2006.

Stéphane Couturier “Photo No. 5 Halle Alterneurs”, from the series melting power.

Tilo Baumgärtel “Channel”, 2014.

Luisa Kasalicky “Untitled” 2016 plaster tempura on cardboard.

Ana Santos, “Untitled”, Indian ink on balsa wood 2012

TheoriesOf Patreon Page |  Theories Of Facebook | Instagram: @theoriesof | Contemp. Relics Facebook | Instagram: @contemp.relics


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