Cafe Noir

by Jenna Romano | 28.01.18

Since 1997, Cafe Noir has brought a European air of influence into the pulse of Tel Aviv’s food scene. Cafe Noir’s menu is charming and familiar, offering an array of tasty dishes and cocktails that reflect the cafe’s classic yet international nature  visitors might dine on fried pork schnitzel, entrecote, homemade gnocchi, fresh seafood or salads while sipping on a Cosmopolitan, and top that off with a true New York style cheesecake or a tiramisu!

For locals, Cafe Noir has become a marker cafe in the city, known for its bustling atmosphere which evolves from afternoon to night. Surrounded by the city center, the restaurant’s trendy interior, decorated with art and finished wooden furniture, is made for inspiring meetings and unforgettable meals with friends.

Taste is not spared in any sense of the word, and with 20 years of experience, Cafe Noir maintains it’s high quality service game  understanding what their guests want when they arrive, and giving them exactly what they need before they head out the door. Read more about Cafe Noir in the Telavivian City Guide.

Cafe Noir, Ahad Ha’Am Street 43. 03.566.3018 | Facebook | Instagram: @cafenoirtlv

Photo Credit: Tamuz Rachman


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