by Jenna Romano | 27.12.17

Electric Concepts has just announced the launch of an innovative, artistically designed bike  the first of it’s kind to hit the electric bike market in Tel Aviv, the PILPELED X FOFFA.  Collaborating with Zehus and FOFFA, the bike is uniquely crafted byone of the most unique and identifiable forces in the urban Israeli art and design scene, Pilpeled.

“Our studio is where the magic happens. We have taken two things we love, a classic single speed FOFFA bike and smart electric wheel, as well as Pipeled’s artistic design and combined them into the best and most captivating riding experience available for [our customers]”, said Hanan Almus, Head of Design at Electric Concepts.

The collaborative has created the perfect blend for a new and fascinating riding experience – a super smart built-in electric motor by Zehus, an elegant and unique bicycle frame by FOFFA and Pilpeled’s imaginative art. The urban commuters in Tel Aviv can now anticipate riding the roads with class, and an extra boost of speed and attractiveness!

Photo credit: Electric Concepts


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