by Jenna Romano | 25.12.17

Straight from his studio ‘Porcelove’, set in the south of Tel Aviv, Gur Inbar presents a line of work that includes mostly porcelain vases, pots and tableware. His ceramics are created using manual techniques and having drawn from endless design inspirations throughout his young career, Inbar paints with intoxicating taste – colors, patterns and textures that give his work a distinctly fresh and modern style.

Having a look at the career of the local Tel Avivian potter, it is apparent that he embodies the quintessential characteristics of artistic success. Inbar graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2015, completed a year-long residency program at the prestigious Binyamini Ceramics Center, and has since produced a substantial collection of work. For every minute and of application and dedication, there is an equivalent amount of love and excitement that goes into Inbar’s professional development.

While constructing an exciting encounter between the traditional and contemporary in his works, Inbar is above all a staunch potter – using the best of his raw materials, and the highest standards of this craft.

“I guess you could define me as a designer, but I would like to think of myself simply as a man who loves to work with his hands. Whether it’s wheel throwing, slip casting, curving or prototyping, as long as it involves getting my hands busy and my clothes dirty, I’m into it. And if something aesthetic and useful comes out of it eventually – I’d be the happiest man on earth”.

www.gurinbar.designFacebook | Instagram: @gur.inbar

Photo credit: Aviv Naveh


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